2006-2007 year

Hey Greens whats up? I was wondering when Greens is startign this year, I've heard that both the young republicans and the young democrats are meeting this thursday (announcements) so wouldnt it make sense for us to meet then? Well I donno, but if there are any plans I'd like to know (this year is going to be quite chaotic for me, and probably everyone else).

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United Workers Association

The United Workers is a Maryland-based organization of low-wage workers leading the way to poverty's end. All events are in Baltimore, MD. For updates visit http://UnitedWorkers.org.

All-Night Vigil for Justice
Stand with the low-wage workers leading the way to poverty's end by joining the United Workers in an all-night vigil outside of Peter Angelos's downtown Baltimore office building. Workers and supporters will be airing poverty's dirty laundry, using soiled Oriole's shirts and the shirts off of workers' back to make poverty's invisible visible.

FRIDAY JUNE 23 - starts at 4:00 PM
Gather at the corner of Charles and Lexington at 4 PM for the vigil's start. We'll be taking shifts from 4 PM Friday afternoon to 9:00 AM Saturday morning. Comfortable housing is provided at the UWA office, with meals, snacks, cots and group activities throughout the vigil. Transportation between the vigil site and UWA office is provided. All are welcome and encouraged to participate - for the entire vigil or for as long as you can join us! Call 410-522-1053 for more information.

Pancakes for Justice
We'll come together for a pancake breakfast at Lovely Lane Church at the end of the all-night vigil. Join the workers who spent the night in front of Angelos's office to show your support and to learn more about poverty's struggles in Baltimore. After the pancake breakfast we will start the Freedom from Poverty March.

SATURDAY JUNE 24 - starts at 9:00 AM
The pancake breakfast is at Lovely Lane Church, which is two blocks north of North Ave. on St. Paul.

Freedom from Poverty March
Low-wage workers will lead the march from Lovely Lane Church to Peter Angelos's offices. Poverty's dirty laundry will be aired, with workers and supporters carrying a clothes line with soiled Orioles shirts and the shirts off labor's backs.

SATURDAY JUNE 24 - starts at 10:00 AM
The march follows the pancake breakfast at Lovely Lane Church, which is two blocks north of North Ave. on St. Paul.

Tom Kertes,
Communications Organizer

Phone: 443/803-9574


My calendar: http://tomkertes.com/cal/june.html
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Save the Internet (and net neutrality)!!

and from MoveOn.org:

"Today, you can use MySpace to help save the Internet.

As the House of Representatives prepares to vote this week on whether to protect Internet freedom, a funny new video about Net Neutrality was released online today by the SavetheInternet.com Coalition and PoliticsTV.com.

In it, Grammy-nominated musician Moby identifies how out-of-touch Washington, D.C. must be if Congress is even thinking about gutting Net Neutrality. He urges Americans to let their voices be heard by flooding Congress with phone calls.

Can you help raise awareness of the threat to Internet freedom by forwarding this humorous video to your MySpace friends today?


"The Internet is fighting back to save itself" is how Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA), a lead Internet freedom proponent, described our momentum at a recent Net Neutrality event with Moby.

While corporations like AT&T are spending millions in paid advertising, lobbying, and campaign contributions to convince Congress to give them control over what you see and do online, we are empowering regular Internet users to fight back by using the magic of the Internet. By forwarding this humorous video to others, you are indeed helping the Internet to save itself."

Movie showing at the Charles Theater

This weekend, my family and I were among the tens of thousands who flocked to see An Inconvenient Truth -- the documentary about global warming by former Vice President Al Gore. The film opened last week in select cities to rave reviews -- and has already landed in the top 10 weekend box office grossing films. [1]

As we watched the film, it was amazing to see the impact it was having on the capacity crowd -- everyone in the audience sat mesmerized, taking in each minute of this compelling documentary. As we left the theater, we couldn't help thinking "Everyone has to see this film." And you can help make that happen.

It is important that we keep the momentum going as the film rolls out across the country. The success of the movie’s opening weeks will determine how many other cities will get to see it.

Global warming is real -- and it threatens to rob us of our most cherished wildlife. According to scientists, climate change could doom more than a million species to extinction by 2050.

An Inconvenient Truth will be rolling out in theaters across the country this month -- and you can have an impact on how many people see what Larry King calls “One of the most important films ever.”

Its showing June 9th at the Charles theater.

this is from Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife
[1] Weekend Box Office Estimates (June 2-4, 2006) http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/boxoffice/weekend/
Go see it, i might watch it.
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red emma's friday @ 7

Freight Train Graffiti. A book by Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, and Ian Sattler Abrams "As dazzling as the art it celebrates, the book is packed with 1,000 full-color illustrations and features in-depth interviews with more than 125 train artists and "writers." Hundreds of never-before-seen photographs span the style's evolution, and the text from an provides unprecedented perspective, including the first-ever written history of "monikers," the precursors of graffiti, developed by hobos and rail workers to communicate en route." Come out and meet Authors and contributors, many of them local to the Baltimore Area. Films will be shown. Refreshments will be provided. All you have to do is show up.

Also, let's go to the cabaret on Sunday. Really, let's get it together and go. Also, it's almost the end of the year and we haven't had a recruitment meeting yet. How about we talk this week and try to meet next Tuesday before we head outta here? I'll bake somethin. We need a final greens meeting. It's kinda sad...